The right hardware makes for a solid foundation

We have long-standing strong working relationships with our hardware partners and suppliers and can get some of the best prices available to help you keep within budget. This means you can grow your business and stay profitable and competitive, whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

We are constantly striving to expand our knowledge and portfolio, so that you will have the highest quality technology products and expertise to choose from.

Solid Foundation (Hardware) girl listening to music on her phone

Select the products and brands that support and compliment your own business practices


Anything is possible (Software)

Anything is possible with the right toolset

There are so many types of software with new cutting-edge technologies, from system software designed to run your hardware, application software to help you watch that video, to programming languages for writing instructions, and all these have different user interfaces.

As technology and its software become more technical it gets more complicated, and it’s difficult to find the right people to keep on top of it all. There’s no need to hire specialists when you can turn to our in-house experts and pick from our extensive portfolio of software to keep your hardware and applications running smoothly and keep your users content.

If you find there are too many to choose from, we’re happy to make suggestions based on your organisational priorities

Leading With Technology

Licensing & Support

Software licensing made easy

As the necessity for more software licensing continues to grow, Computer England can meet your evolving needs for effective Software License Management (SLM). We know that managing the terms of every license and abiding by all compliance issues can be challenging.

Our in-house experts, along with our vendor partners can help you with the minefield that is software licensing, from optimising enterprise software whatever your location or platform, to managing more complex multi-vendor software licensing.

You choose what you want, how to buy it, how you want to deploy and use it. Smart licensing gives you the consistency and flexibility to easily manage your products and services in one place.

licensing made easy - Computer England

Reduce costs and minimise downtime with our ICT solutions, including intelligent monitoring and update scheduling


Computer England Secure & Protect (Security)

Secure and protect your network

Securing your IT Infrastructure has never been more important in this digital age, with hackers find more malicious ways to bypass network security, putting our data at risk from cyberattacks.

Combine multiple layers of defence throughout your network, from options, including VPNs, firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware, patch management, execution control, secure configuration, access control, email, application, mobile, web and wireless security, network segmentation, behavioural analysis, compliance, and business continuity.

With so many choices out there, you may be asking, “what’s best for my business and its outcomes?” You can be sure that Computer England takes the time to understand your objectives and use our expansive portfolio of accredited partners and world’s leading solutions to help keep your network, your customers and workforce safe from these threats.

Protect your business reputation and your sensitive data from malicious cyber attacks

Peripherals and Consumables

Convenience at your fingertips

Computer England are happy to source whatever you need from our huge range of trusted partners and brands.

We offer a wide range of office machines and consumables to help keep your business running at maximum efficiency. This includes but isn’t limited to keyboards, printers, scanners audio-visual devices, printing supplies, cabling, headsets, phones and mobile devices, chargers, adaptors, backup storage devices, cameras, immersive tech, and more.

Convenience - Peripherals (people chatting round laptop)

Quality and cost-effective components help to improve business performance and reduce down-time