Computer networking and you

As your business grows so too does your infrastructure. Your computer networking solutions must keep up with your success, enhancing traffic, providing everything your users will need, keeping them safe, and making effective use of your resources.

With our ever-expanding need to communicate, whether it be in your home office, the city-centre hub, or sites all over the country and abroad, you need quality networking expertise to make sure you’re making the best use of your setup.

Network solutions Configured for your specific business

Cost-effective business-specific Computer Networking solutions help streamline operations and improve productivity

Network solutions Configured for your specific business

Configured for your specific business

Computer England understands that best computer networking solution for you is a configuration uniquely tailored for your specific business and its needs.

Your core infrastructure requirements can be discussed with our network specialists so that we can advise the best solution for you. Whether you require a unified wired or wireless solution, or you’re using more traditional legacy equipment, we deliver a cost-effective network for your business, helping you streamline operations and improving productivity. This provides the flexibility needed for your endpoint devices and users, so they can access whatever they need, wherever and whenever they need it.

Provide flexibility for endpoint device and user access, whenever and wherever it’s needed


Protect and defend

To be able to deliver all the services your users need in this newly transformed digital age, one of the most critical requirements for any organisation is security.

In 2021 alone, businesses reported an increase in cyber-attacks by as much as 50% from 2020 and are set to rise. These hackers have taken advantage of home-working and the rise in value of cryptocurrencies, to name but a few.

With remote working and the increased demand and reliance on digital products and smart appliances, you need an all-inclusive security solution that meets your individual business needs.

solutions to Protect and defend

All-inclusive and bespoke security solutions to meet your individual business needs

Trusted security partners - Computer England

Trusted security partners

As security experts, we can work with you to deploy individual security appliances or develop a plan to protect all the vulnerable points on your network in a unified security solution.

You choose what needs protecting, and using our portfolio of security partners, we can help you remotely deploy security appliances, using zero-touch cloud provisioning, across all sites, quickly and with no down-time. Any onboarding and migration are simple and intuitive to use, with web-based digital dashboards.

Instant, cloud-provisioned deployment of security appliances across all sites

Cloud Services

Why the cloud is important in the modern workforce

Cloud computing offers reliable, scalable, and affordable virtual subscription services, and is available from anywhere with internet access.

You can manage access permissions and restrict information, increasing security quickly and easily.

It will save you money on your energy bills each month and reduce your energy consumption. There’s no need for server rooms with climate control when you only pay for what you need.

Computer England Cloud services

It gives you peace of mind that your data is protected and secure and available 24x7x365


Endpoints enable workforce mobility

In an era when your workforce and end users can be anywhere in the world, let alone in the same country, and the ever-present possibility of malware infections and viruses from insecure apps and online platforms.

Your IT team must be reactive in dealing with security threats working with many different technologies and locations, whilst being proactive in ensuring safe connections to your networks.

Computer England Cloud services

Backing up your endpoint data to the cloud is important to reduce the risk of lost information and security breaches

Computer England Sectors - Corporate

Secure Endpoint Management Solutions

With Cisco Secure Endpoints and Endpoint solutions range, from IP phones to web, mobile and desktop clients, your network is built to enable user autonomy, security, and scale.

Our Secure Endpoint management solutions built into our managed network solutions allows just that.

Endpoint solutions built with your business in mind