Managed Service Benefits

Our Managed Services have been designed to provide either a reactive or proactive facility for your network switches, wireless access points, and security devices. The service is delivered by our Managed Services team, who are supporting customers 24x7x365.

Our service delivers management of devices across all features and functionality, including SD-WAN and VPNs. You can be assured that your networks are continually monitored to ensure availability and ability to deliver the business outcomes that you need.

Computer England - Managed Service Benefits

We provide bespoke Managed Service solutions tailored to your specific business needs, helping you stay ahead of the competition

Computer England - Managed Service 24 x 7 Monitoring

24 x 7 Monitoring And Alerts

Your equipment is monitored 24×7 to ensure all devices are available and operational. Any alerts or notifications are based on agreed SLAs.

You will also receive daily verification that your devices are online and functioning correctly.

Securing your networks so you are confident they’re working without issue even when you’re not there

Incident Reporting And Managed Hardware Replacement

If an issue is detected, or reported by the end user, a reactive call will be logged, and the fault progressed to resolution.

In the event of device failure, the replacement of equipment under relevant support contracts will be managed on your behalf.

Computer England - Managed Service Incident Reporting

Real time optimisation and hardware replacement reduces downtime and increases productivitys

Managed Services - Software Verification

Software Verification and quarterly Updates

Any software is verified proactively to ensure all equipment is updated on schedule and all devices are operational after updates.

Management of the delivery of software updates, including the scheduling or postponement of updates based on impact, are done on a quarterly basis.

Network transparency and scheduled updates to fit your business practices, giving you the reliability and confidence you need

Smooth Onboarding for devices and sites

New sites and equipment additions are managed electronically to safeguard ongoing support, and in the event of device failure, the replacement of equipment under support contracts will be managed on your behalf.

All changes are reviewed, managed, and released using a standardised process to mitigate any impact to the infrastructure.

Managed Services - Onboarding

eManagement of new sites and equipment gives you peace of mind that all your devices are covered

Managed Services - Tech Reviews

Tech Reviews and Service Reports

You will receive monthly proactive technical reviews of your infrastructure, identifying any issues before they become service-affecting problems.

Annual Dashboard reviews and familiarisation of the platform gives you peace of mind. This will include any new features and functionality as they become available.

Regular service reporting provides you with an understanding of your network health, changes, and availability statistics.

You only pay one price for all support and receive detailed reports for your risk and financial management